Letter from Brett

Welcome to our little slice of heaven! My name is Brett Chisholm, and I am the chicken farmer here at Three Dudes Farm. After years of working in commercial photography and publishing, I found another one of my passions raising food for my family on our horse ranch. My husband Ryan and I first moved to the ranch in 2014 and when we had our son in 2017, our entire view around food started to change. Food is intrinsically linked to our health, and everyone knows a growing body needs the very best. I started raising chickens for eggs and I realized that all chickens—whether raised for meat or eggs—are deserving of a fulfilling life. I simply could not stomach the realities of how factory farmed chicken is raised and treated and knew I had to make a change for our family.

At Three Dudes Farm, we raise slow-growing broilers as well as heritage chickens that are truly sustainable. We are in the process of relocating our farm to a much larger space in Crockett, TX where we can combine all of our loves—farming, horses, photography, and dogs—enabling us to deliver an experience full of memories to last a lifetime to our clients and friends.

You are what you eat, and we should all want to be the very best. I want to help you be excited about food that you know is safe, clean and healthy for you and your family. Food that is raised and treated with respect and appreciation, where humanity towards our food comes before profit margins, shareholders, and feed efficiencies. I want to help you ignite a spark around food that reaches into all aspects of your life. Eating clean, healthy food from sources you know and trust who are working to improve the land and lives of the livestock is the answer to a better tomorrow for our children. It really is THAT simple.

I didn’t ever think this would be my path, but being a part of the slow food movement for a better future for our planet is exciting. I firmly believe we can make a difference in the world by being conscious about how we feed our bodies. Most of us have absolutely no idea where our food comes from or who or what we are supporting by purchasing it. In a world of convenience, we rarely question what we are doing to our health or the planet’s health. It’s time to change that.

Even most pastured poultry or free range poultry is tightly confined most of the time, a life that I can tell you a chicken does not want. Chickens from your local market are often created through corporate selective breeding to be unrecognizable franken-chicken versions of their heritage chicken ancestors.

So what do you do? I thought for a while about not eating chicken, but of course, I couldn’t do that. I made a decision that if I was going to eat chicken it was going to be the happiest, healthiest, most loved chicken that ever lived. Everyone around me was shocked with my plan, and I was, too. I’ve lived my life as an animal welfare advocate, a true nurturer. I’ve never hunted and raising and slaughtering my own meat for food seemed far from what would be interesting to me.

But it’s that disconnect right there that I find most dangerous about today’s culture.

Most people would rather turn a blind eye to where their food comes from (me included for so long) than become engaged in the process. It is completely backwards and we really must change this. By becoming more engaged in what we eat, even with small actions like purchasing wholesome products directly from farmers that you trust, you make a gigantic difference in the world around you.

On an even deeper level than that, it is important for us to be able to slow down and acknowledge just what our food is. By becoming aware of where your food comes from, specifically in the case of animals that you eat, you can start to appropriately appreciate it. I know this, because I have experienced it myself. Not only is slow-growing meat far more humane for the animals, but slow growing food tastes better and is far healthier for you. Together, we can change the way we eat.

Do you have more questions or want to talk more? (Beware… I love to talk about chickens and sometimes, I can’t stop.) Connect with me on instagram @threedudesfarm, send me a message with questions, drop me an e-mail to brett@threedudesfarm.com, or give me a call or text directly at (936) 697-6859. Please, come see for yourself what our farm is like on one of our open farm days in the future, or bring your family by for photography. We would love to have you and show you and your family firsthand how great your relationship with food can become. I can’t wait to meet you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Brett Chisholm