Chicken can and should be a part of healthy, clean eating—yet modern chicken is the most abused livestock animal of our times.

The chickens at Three Dudes Farm are nothing like commercially available chicken. Unlike factory farmed chickens, our slow growing broilers and sustainably bred heritage chickens are happy and healthy, living their lives on lush pasture in a true free-range fashion, only restricted at night. Our chickens live the way chicken was always intended to be. Space to roam and time to grow creates a healthier chicken that you can feel good about consuming. Our chickens are never treated with antibiotics or hormones and are truly natural in every sense, far beyond just a word or a label.

The modern broiler has evolved into an almost unrecognizable version of a heritage chicken. Massive gains through very selective breeding have yielded larger birds that grow at a pace where if they were a human child, they would be 300 pounds by their second birthday. These birds must be processed at an incredibly young age because their bodies cannot keep up with their growth. They’ve been selected to not want to move far, so more can be crammed into housing.

We love eating chicken, but we did not want to continue to eat chickens raised this way. We focus on heritage, sustainable lines of poultry and slow growing broilers,  and our philosophy for raising happy chickens revolves around two pillars: space and time. Scroll down to read more or click below to pre-order your chicken from Three Dudes Farm.


Chickens that are allowed the freedom to roam outdoors and live in a natural setting exhibit none of the stress indicators of factory farmed or confined pasture chickens. Moreover, their body constitution is different, their legs and joints are more capable, and they are undoubtedly stronger and healthier because of it. Exercised meat simply tastes better. Chickens that are allowed to live a longer, fuller life, have a depth of flavor unlike commercially available chicken. Even the most non-discriminating palate can note the differences in flavor and texture of a truly free-to-roam chicken. Movement, exercise, fresh air, sunlight, varied diets and time to grow affect EVERY ASPECT of the chicken—from mind, to body, to taste.


In Europe, the slow food movement has been taking over and there is a heightened awareness about humane welfare for livestock. France’s Label Rouge system provides for stringent standards for how the animals are to be kept and raised, the genetics used to breed, and the length of growing time from hatch to processing. When we first started out raising chickens for our family and friends this system was our inspiration. Our birds are on farm for 2-3 times longer than most modern chickens before being processed, foraging for longer and storing more nutrients in their bodies. Slower growing, heritage chicken tastes better and is so much better for you.


At our farm we raise and breed our own heritage chickens and also raise special slow-growing broiler chickens. Slower growing chickens are happier chickens with deeper, more robust flavors from a varied diet. The need for faster chicken has taken all of the flavor out of modern chicken and chicken products. You can literally taste the difference.

Breeding heritage poultry enables us to preserve sustainable farming methods for future generations. We are working with multiple heritage breeds to select the breed of chicken to breed and improve upon including the Barred Rock, New Hampshire, Delaware and more.